A Letter to the President of the U.S.
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A Letter to the President of the U.S.


" What I found most striking in this dialogue of the poets - besides the quality of imagery and language used - is the interaction, sometimes subtle sometimes overt, between Rachid and Maria do Céu. They interact as to the themes dealt with in the poems, some of them born in a stimulus - response fashion, continuously inspiring each other's views and emotions towards the human factor and their circumstances - their glories and miseries - and aspiring to a longed-for "Relief" or a "World Player" to be said by everyone and longing to be aswered!"

A. Gaspar Chair to APPI
Associalção Portuguesa de Professores de Inglês

"From his poetic rough drafts, his tendency to reflect on his thoughts and reconsider them, his habit to look at things with a bird's-eye view, dwelling on his transcendent Sufi spirit and his ability to read, R. Acim had acquired a special style peculiar to him, hence marking a new trend in the genre of poetry wherein the true and the beautiful do converge in utter beauty and harmony."

M. Do CéuPires Costa

"Maria do Céu Pires Costa had poetry as a springboard for motivating students, enhancing their taste for reading and expressing their feelings and emotions through poetry. She cherished lessons of imparting to her students the beauty amd mysteries of poetic experiences. The poems compiled for this collection portray different moments in her life... all of them spontaneous, heartfelt echoes blessed by God".

R. Acim

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